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El Paso County is the westernmost county of Texas. Bounded on the southwest by the Rio Grande and Mexico, on the north and west by the state of New Mexico, and on the east by Hudspeth County, Texas, El Paso County is approximately 650 miles west of Dallas and 575 miles northwest of San Antonio. El Paso County and neighboring Hudspeth County are the only Texas counties on Mountain Time. The county comprises 1,057 square miles of desert and irrigated land that rises from an elevation of 3,500 feet at the Rio Grande to 7,000 feet at the summits of the Franklin Mountains. The Rio Grande valley in this area has been irrigated since prehistoric times and produces bountiful harvests of cotton, pecans, and alfalfa, and lesser amounts of numerous vegetables and fruits.

Some 240 square miles of the county is occupied by the city of El Paso, the largest United States city on the Mexican border, the fourth largest in Texas, and nineteenth in the United States. Although a major industrial area, El Paso County has few natural resources other than abundant sunshine and agriculture.

El Paso County Texas Marriage Records
El Paso County Texas Cemeteries

The following marriage records were copied by Jan in 1965, in a room at the old courthouse where many record books were just kept in stacks. These records were copied by hand in the exact order in which they appeared in the Books. I cannot tell you why later years are recorded prior to earlier ones. It is said that most of these records have now been lost. You will see names which are still prominent in El Paso: Schuster, Kern, Detwiler, Caples, Hart, Dowell and many more. Jan Parsons Armstrong, April 2000. Jan has given us permission to add these records to AHGP, Thanks Jan

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